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The Essay
Show #11
War & Peace
David Gunn
From WGDR, the only area radio station that gives free stamps with every purchase, it's Kalvos & Damian's New Sesqui Musichour, broadcasting this and every week with certain exceptions from longitude 91.1 Route 214, latitude 857.75 Woodlawn Avenue, which is of course Plainville, Vermont.

It's War and Peace day today, the 2,124th anniversary of the invention of war. Yes, for centuries following man's evolution from sphagnum, human civilization got along quite well with itself. On occasion, one nettled faction might be extremely rude to another, but that was all. However on August 5th, 129 BC, a Greek merchant, having reached his limit of being taunted by a Roman centurian for the better part of a week, whacked his tormenter with a canoe, and then declared war on him, an event in history dubbed le flambeau oriange. Years later -- but also in 129 BC, due to an anomaly in the time-space continuum -- a French priest argued that it made more sense to declare war first, then bring out the canoes. And the idea stuck. For a while.

On a lighter note, the concept of peace was also born on August 5th, and also -- thanks to that out-of-whack time continuum -- in 129 BC, and again in 129 AD. Unfortunately, there is no documented historical reference to support this claim. It's simply something we all know to be true, case closed, and, ergo, the theme for today's program.

In addition to tunes both warlike and pacific, we have Glen Sproul of South Burlington competing as today's guest composer-o-the-week. In the regional quarterfinals next month, he'll be pitted against Eric Nielsen in the best two out of three sonata-allegro forms. The winner will advance to the twelve-tone poem match and face the survivor of the T.L. Read--Gilles Yves Bonneau sight-reading slugfest. Remember, to vote, call 802 GLIPSOB. Out of town, the last number is a 2.

But wait. There's more. As promised last time, The Best of the Sesquihour part 2 presents listenable snippets from episodes six through ten in an easily accessible format. Also included on today's agenda is a station ID on the hour, some warlike repartee, and the following avant-announcement, which follows the following appeal to our listenership to call now with your sesqui-question on new music or compositional repair, lest the frequently attempted but never consummated feature, New Music Talk become fodder for the Contract On America and vanish forever from the sesqui-airwaves. The yours is choice.

Today's episode of Kalvos and Damian's Music Sesqui Newhour is sponsored in part by today's episode of Kalvos & Damian's Newqui Musichour Ses, and will not be heard in its entirety save for the parts already broadcast, are presently being broadcast and -- speaking pluperfectly now -- will have to be have been broadcast. And now, with music by, for, and in spite of itself, in any tense except one, here's Kalv.