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Chronicle of the NonPop Revolution

David Gunn

Music Available in New Editions 1995

Westleaf EditionWestleaf Edition

176 Cox Brook Road, Northfield, Vermont 05663

Leisure Weasel WorldLeisureWeaselWorld

96 Tremont Street, Barre, Vermont 05641

Published Editions || Hand-Inked and Private Editions
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Published Editions

Available from Westleaf Edition

Ahmed Lives in Istanbul and Drives a Taxi
Four voices SATB plus baritone solo. No. G951.

Five or more voices and one instrumentalist on kylakaphone, or six voices alone. No. G861.

Billions of Brazilians
Mobile pickup orchestra or chamber band and a billion entertaining percussionists. No. G891.

Brown Old Shoes
Alto, string bass and piano. No. G921.

Champagne and Other Spirits
Two alto voices. No. G931.

Comfort Me, Ye Yak
SAB chorus and harmonicas (or occasional organ or keyboard). No. G781.

Chorus SATB, maybe with cello obbligato. No. G957.

Double Whammy
Four bass'uns to open bass fishing seasons. No. G954.

Violin and clarinet. No. G952.

The Grande Eccentric March of the Repelicans
Tenor and small apolitical band. No. G893.

The Help Me Rondo
Violinne, Bb clar, basclar, cjello, percus. No. G958.

Hunting Tuna
Brass quintet on an early American tune. No. G941.

Incidental Music to Something Wicked This Way Comes.
Calliope and chamber band. No. G945.

Energetic and talented chorus SATB, with drum machine. No. G922.

Clarinet and marimba. No. G942.

Mesopotamian March & Mango
Brass quintet and saw. No. G755.

SATB chorus. No. G956.

Out of the Dark
Clarinet, violin and electronic keyboard. No. G943.

Pecos Lil deVille
Two alto voices. No. G953.

Running Lights
Clarinet, violin, marimba, electronic keyboard. No. G944.

Somewhere East of Topeka
Clarinet and calliope. No. G946.

A Song, A Dance & A Spizder
Three movements for violin, clarinet, cello, piano and voice. No. G923.

Two Olde Crowes
Two alto voices. No. G947.

Two alto voices. No. G948.

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Hand-Inked and Private Editions

Available from LeisureWeaselWorld

And Dymns the Welkin
Tenor, chorus, piano, guitars, percussion and guest instruments, on the Morley text. No. G762.

Armies of Mice
Chorus, two narrators, flute, recorder, piano, rhythmatron, mousetraps, two jugglers, cheese balls, etc. No. G821.

SATB -- or really BATS -- recorders. No. G751.

Big Sister
A cabaret for game show host Bob, Nurse Rebecca, Sergeant Gus, and victim Jules, two keyboards, percussion, cello, etc. No. G871.

Two voices, water glasses, two synthesizers, and taped percussion. No. G763.

Four dysfunctional voices with melodic instruments of their choice. No. G771.

Casioinventionamentes No. 1-6
Overdubbed electronic keyboard on tape. No. G892.

The Chandler Squawk
Two krumhorns, trombone and percussion. No. G791.

Christian Wolff in Hanover
Part Two, three odd instruments; Part Three, three odd voices. No. G784.

Two synethsizers, two recorders, and harmolin on tape. No. G752.

A Conversation Piece
Performance work for 16 ambient persons in living room tableau with props and furniture. No. G761.

Crapsody for Orchestra
Small upaid group of instrumentalists. No. G701.

Death of An Aardvark
Two oboes and English horn. No. G702.

Eldridge Heyday
Two recorders of any speed. No. G753.

Etude Brute
Seated euophoist with two-dancer accompaniment. No. G703.

Folk for Trio Instruments
Triangulum, autoharp, and monofilament. No. G812.

Heavy Vermont
Four approximately pitched voices, preferably those of criminals. No. G813.

Hic Jacet
Performance work for vocal soloist and four or more mourners in a graveyard. No. G801.

Hippo Hunnert Birdy
Five celebretory voices in active canonical whoopification. No. G811.

Hooby Oarkoid, Part 2
Two recorders meeting for the first time. No. G758.

Four overdubbed voices on tape. No. G955.

Organette, bass drum and humming chorus. No. G759.

Four overdubbed recorders on electronic tape. No. G741.

It Is Better to Marry Than to Burn
Overture for orchestra. No. G704.

The Kankakee Canker
Three anonymous Witness Protection Program instruments. No. G7510.

McGuffy’s Diner
Performance work for tolerant waitress and four raucous customers (with percussion) at four in the morning. No. G754.

Soprano, tenor, two keyboards, mousetraps. No. G894.

Dance improv accompaniment for prepard piano, synthesizer and percussion. No. G782.

Misery Loves Accompaniment
Soprano, cruel pianist and twirling chorus of six. No. G792.

SATB annoying approximately-pitched solo vocal quartet with attitudes. No. G802.

Obediah Fricassee
Two recorders of any flavor. No. G756.

Three recorders STB or available woodwinds. No. G851.

Dance improv accompaniment for synthesizer, recorders, etc. No. G742.

Plasm Over Ocean
Libretto to the chamber opera. No. W771.

Poudre Canyon Rag
Clarinet and piano. No. G803.

Pox Vobiscum
Tenor, keyboard synthesizer, cello. No. G911.

Rabble a tre
Three ocarinae. No. G7511.

Performance work for three automatonical voices. No. G764.

Reflections in a Coffeepot
Mixed quartet, coffee percolator, and server. No. G705.

Robin Goodfellow's Charivari
"Bells-a-bub", a Bathory percussion tree. No. G7512.

A Short Encore
Solo chorus SACtB and melody instrument of any flavor. No. G706.

Sonaga for 2nd French Horn and Piano
French horn, piano, string bass, brass quartet, easily-distracted page turned. No. G707.

Stand Up for Stanton
Tenor and chamber band, or voices and electric bass and/or keyboard. No. G891.

Stomach rumbling for 4 to 8 hungry stomblers, medical assistants and props in a medical clinic tableau. No. G765.

Suite of Piano Pieces for Sadistic Children
Piano, child, cream pie, tear gas, deceased bird. No. G708.

Two sopranos, two recorders and two krumhorns who double on other odd instruments. No. G783.

Teething Rings
Babysitter, 8 unhappy toddlers, 8 pacifiers. No. G757.

The Troll’s Awful Curse
narrator, witch, piano and instrumental octet. No. G691.

Twilight of the Dogs
Speaker, two chanting voices, synthesizer, guitar and drum machine. No. G912.

Two recorders. No. G711.

Western Swing Cat
Piano. No. G692.

Words, no!
Small group of argumentative instruments and voices. No. G709.

Xylophobias No. 1-6
Overdubbed eccentrically modal xylophones on tape. No. G895.

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David Gunn and his music are represented by ASCAP.