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Index of Recording Labels

found in the Kalvos & Damian Playlist

This index only lists labels whose music has been played on the K&D Bazaar.
If your label distributes the music of contemporary composers in the K&D world of tastes, then please contact Kalvos & Damian.
If you know of net sites, contacts or addresses for the unlinked recording labels listed below, please contact Kalvos & Damian..
An extensive list of music labels beyond those played on the K&D Bazaar: The Harmony Music List.

[1750 Arch] [20th Century] [4 Tay]

[A&M] [Aerial] [Aesthetic Engineering] [Albany] [Amanita] [Angel] [Angular Momentum] [Anigma Acoustic Arts] [Antarctica] [Arabesque] [ARC] [Argo] [ Arista] [Arizona University Recordings] [Arktos] [Arsis] [Arte e Musica] [Artifact (USA)] [Artifact (Canada)] [Ascent] [Ash International] [Asylum] [Atco] [Atlantic] [Atrium] [Aureobel] [Aurora] [Autonomedia] [Avant]

[Barnzstuff] [BGS] [Black Saint] [BMG] [BondAge] [BONK]

[Capitol] [Candide] [Capac] [Capstone] [Catalyst] [CBC] [CBS] [CEC] [Celluloid] [Centaur] [Centrediscs] [Chandos] [Charm of Sound] [Choctaw] [Chrysalis] [Classic Productions] [Clef] [Cody] [Collins Classics] [Columbia] [Compact Dick] [Conifer] [Corinthian] [Corporate Blob] [CRI/Composers Recordings] [CRM] [CRS} [Crystal] [Cuneiform]

[Decca] [Delos] [Deep Listening] [Denon] [DGG] [Diversity] [Divine] [Donemus] [Dorian] [Dutch East India Trading]

[Earsay] [Echograph] [ECM] [Edsel] [Electrecord] [Elektra/Nonesuch] [ElectroShock] [EMI] [EMIT] [empreintes Digitales] [em:t] [Entertainers] [enuffa my butt] [ESP-DISK] [Everest] [Evolving Ear] [Experimental Intermedia (XI)] [Extraplatte]

[Felmay] [Finlandia] [Finnadar] [Folkways] [Fontec] [Free China] [Frog Peak]

[GSOL] [Geffen] [Gents Muzikaal Archief] [Geode] [Giorno Poetry Systems] [Gnorble Music] [Golden] [Gramavision] [gutingi]

[Hannibal] [Harmonia Mundi] [Harmonic Ranch] [hat ART] [hat HUT] [hat MUSICS] [Heliodor] [Hexagon] [High Performance] [HMR] [Hochin] [Hornblower] [Hyperion]

[Icon] [Illegal Art] [Ill Wind] [Improbable Music] [Impulse!] [India Navigation] [Innova] [Interworld] [Interzone]

[JazzHausMusik] [JLH Lasersound] [Justin Time]

[Kaleidoscope] [Keta Garage] [Keynote Designs] [Klavier] [Koch] [Koss Classics]

[Largo] [Laserlight] [Leonarda] [Living Music] [Lizard] [London] [Lovely Music] [lowercase] [Lutra] [Lyrichord]

[Mainstream] [Major] [Malted/Media] [Maximum Music Connections] [MCA] [Média Diffusion] [Melodiya/Angel] [Mercury] [Metalanguage] [MHS] [Mictlan] [Minor Music] [MMC Recordings] [mode ] [Moers Music] [Monitor] [Monroe Street] [Montaigne] [Muse-Eek] [Musical Heritage Society] [Musical Tragedies] [Music Gallery Editions] [Musicmasters] [Music Media] [Musicworks] [Musifrance] [Mute]

[New Albion] [New Ariel] [New Arts Program] [New Wilderness Audiographics] [New World] [Newport Classic] [Nieuwe Muziek in Vlaanderen] [No Edition] [Nonesuch] [North/South] [Novadisc] [NTone]

[Ocora] [Odyssey] [OgreOgress] [ohm/avatar] [Olps] [Ondine] [O.O.Discs] [Opus One] [ORF] [Orrizonte] [Oxford]

[P.A.U.S.A.] [Pax] [Penumbra] [Periplum] [Philips] [Philo] [Piedmont Children's Chorus] [pfMentum] [Pleiades] [Plymouth] [Pogus] [Point Music] [Polydor] [Present] [Pro Arte] [ProViva] [Publiek Domain/Public Domain] [pulsewidth] [Punos] [PWOA]

[Ralph] [RCA] [RCA Victor] [Recommended] [Reprise] [Review Records] [Rhino] [Robi Droli/Newtone] [Rough Trade] [Rounder] [Ryko]

[Sargasso] [Scattered] [SEAMUS] [Seeland] [Silent Treatment] [Sistrum] [Smithsonian/Folkways] [Soleil Moon] [Sony] [Sound Proposition] [Sound's Bounty] [Sparkling Beatnik] [Spooky Pooch] [Starkland] [Stereophile] [St. Thomas Music] [Subliminal Sounds] [Swell/Artifact] [Syntonic] [Syoten]

[Tautology] [Telarc] [Teldec] [THD] [t:me] [Toywar] [Trace Elements] [Turnabout] [Twisted Tutu]

[Urana] [Ursa Minor]

[Vanguard] [Van Riper Editions] [VCME] [Verve] [Victor (Japan)] [Victory] [Vidov] [Vienna Modern Masters] [Virgin] [VOYS]

[Warner Bros.] [Warner/Reprise] [WATT/25] [Well-Tempered] [Welspringe] [White Tigers] [Wind-Up Music] [Wizard] [World Records] [World Wind Music]

[XI (Experimental Intermedia)] [X-OR ]


First posted September 16, 1995 -- Last Updated April 11, 2004