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The September 11th Tragedy:
A Musical Gallery

Compositions Received Since March 11, 2002

Compositions Created in Response to September 11th

Compositions Created Before September 11th

On September 15, Kalvos & Damian put out a call for pieces composed in reflection of the September 11th tragedies in New York and Washington and Pennsylvania, to be broadcast on K&D. The pieces continued to arrive for some time (on the six month anniversary, the call for music was closed), and this gallery is created so that everyone can hear them at any time. These are contributions of pieces received after March 11th, 2002 -- later performances and recordings. Works composed in response to September 11th are found here, and retrospective contributions composed before September 11th are found here.

"The ones who feel the heavy hand of fear
deserve the yoke of slavery;
freedom needs virtue and boldness"

--Andreas Kalvos

Patrick Dorobisz: 9/11- Ground Zero, Real Audio or mp3

Restricted means characterise that electro-acoustic work. 5 voice samples were used: September eleven - two - the airplane - world trade center (female voice) - world trade center (male voice). Musical samples come from a sarangui, small gongs (ethnic instruments) - a cythar and C colorfied (sampled Arsis string quartet). Other sound material comes from 2 synthesisers, one of them generating modelisation.

Patrick Dorobisz Home Page.

David Fenton: Elegy, Real Audio or mp3

"The towers fell, the souls ascended"

Elegy falls precisely in twin halves of 54 measures each, the first consisting entirely of falling motives of 3 or more notes (with the exception of the 5 measures at its end), and the second half emphasizing rising motives. One five-note phrase-terminating motive is found in both halves.

The piece is program music of the the most obvious kind, but came directly from within me in a matter of a couple of weeks last Winter. Aside from a 1-week period where I struggled with the fabric of the beginning of the second half, the piece basically wrote itself. Fittingly, my compositional activity on it was in two equal periods separated by the gulf of a week of indecision.

David W. Fenton Home Page, Elegy Page and score pages: 1 2 3 4

Mark Gustavson: Hymn to the Vanished, Real Audio or mp3

For string orchestra.

Clay La Hatte: Requiem for the Twin Towers, Real Audio or mp3

Clay La Hatte's Home Page

Gamelan Son of Lion: Nine Eleven, Real Audio or mp3

A memorial suite in seven sections by Barbara Benary (1), Laura Liben (2,6), Daniel Goode (3,7), David Simons (4), and David Demnitz (5).

Gamelan Son of Lion Home Page

Susan D. Wiseman: God Will Prevail, the Victims Anthem, Real Audio or mp3

Susan has been writing Songs for over 30 years, primarily Christian and melodic love songs, all inspired by deeply emotional experiences in her life. After learning of the disaster in New York, Susan began writing this song, known as "God Will Prevail", The Victim's Anthem, expressing her thoughts and emotions over the days, as the tragedy unfolded. It is her wish that all the victim's families, firefighters,and policemen could all receive a copy of this song, with hopes that it would be a comfort to them and give them inspiration. It is also her desire that this song be available worldwide for anyone desiring to hear it.

Susan D. Wiseman's Music Page