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Chronicle of the NonPop Revolution

Please Refute This!

by John Trubee


 Wee Willy Weber touts unguentine plerk,
 Unguentine plerk, unguentine plerk,
 Whatever will do it, whatever will work.
 not help me to reach my goals is an obscene waste of my human
 potential and must be forever guarded against. It is an obscene
 waste of time out of my life to fail to obtain my goals.
 Stop wasting my time with petty social small-talk.

TRUBEE'S PEP TALK For me to win, somebody else must lose. It is better for somebody else to lose Than for me to lose Because I must win. I have been defeated so often in my life That I cannot permit any more losses I must win, even if it's at your expense. It is important and essential That the right person do the crying, And that that person is not me. I must either win or die. Kill kill kill.
"Any complex society requires that some people organize and regulate its other members." --Inscription excerpt from the Egyptology Exhibit, Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Society is just a chimera, a word ghost, which is used by some people to club other, gullible people into submission.
You know that your generation has taken over when the songs you listened to on your crappy little record player in your bedroom when you were 13 are the same songs they play on the radio at your workplace when you are 40. Excellence and integrity are always punished in a world where lying hypocrites dictate policy! O How I do so very much want to be a mere pawn upon the creepy gameboard of your concealed agenda!
QUESTIONS FOR A T R How do I know whether or not you're telling me the truth? You've lied so often to me and others in the past That you've lost whatever credibility you ever had. Why should I invest time and energy out of my life Attempting to verify the veracity of the words you utter to me?
THE AUSPICIOUS RETURN OF SQUEALING PHOENIX: A HORROR RANT FOR THE NOW GENERATION Every time you hide the truth You commit a grave disservice to mankind And you kill helpless, innocent little children. I stumble through life forever haunted By the sordid spectre of Hollywood the Whore. Invisible massacres you engender with your ignorance are beyond imagining... When you say no to me Universes collapse Worlds explode Infinite labyrinthine corridors of endless possibilities Get plugged up with the mucus of your inexplicable snootiness, Whole populations, entire species Are annihilated by hailstorms of meteorites... I have been conned too many times to believe any more. The corrupt adult assholes infect the world with their lies, Destroying the faith of the virtuous. Whatever is copular is always good, excellent, the most profound in idea content, and the quintessential in aesthetic quality! The public always knows best And the market always responds to the highest in human values ! Money accrues to those who provide excellence to a wise and discriminating public!
EPITAPHS OF MEDIOCRE NORMALS He impotently fulminated against politicians. He watched many sporting events on TV. He had an impressive stock portfolio, he drove a snazzy sports car, and he had sexual intercourse with very many beautiful women. He partied a lot with his buddies--a real regular guy! He went on exotic trips with his mistress while his wife stayed home with the kids.
ALCATRAZ How typical of man: On an island in the midst of a gorgeous bay, under a forever sky, surrounded by the earth's beautiful scenery he builds a prison!
TRUBEE'S DICTATES FOR FREEDOM Never go to anyone for anything. Never ask anyone for anything. Never depend on anyone for anything. Thusly followed, the individual will become invincible and free to accomplish anything imaginable in this world, Weakness and dependence are abhorrent to the free man.
EVER EPHEMERAL FAME You shone on MTV yesterday You don't exist today Even the plastic party girls Cannot now remember your name. Yeah, the hoopla intoxicates for 15 minutes Then those fickle friends depart at the close of the game So what is the meaning, purpose, and value Of that ever ephemeral fame?
CREED OF THE CREATOR I am who I am I do what I do I create what I create If the world disapproves The world can blow it out its ass. I do not exist To submit To your shit.
THE TUSSLE FOR CONTROL OVER BATTALION 69 Zeldek did the lewd cakewalk: Tangerine spiral numbers, Tandy, Blint plorger. Tammy's nudity did indeed encourage tumescence In the rigid members Of the 34th Marine Cavalry Auxiliary Corps. Multi-variable electronic negroes Deactivated the madly blinking control panels On the ice monitor hyperion superbulae, Electric motors whirl for Prunkty, Injecting slime-mold grease Into the ulterior graham cracker dewhickey snork. Vulva. 'Within the delineated purview of Rexall Blint... I shall not continue writing this nonsense until you give me enough money to make it worth my while.
QUOTE FROM A FAMOUS HISTORICAL PERSONAGE We live in a nation of weak little ninnies Who are terrified of solitude, Antagonistic towards reason, Indifferent to art. They flow with the crowd, They waste vast tracts out of their lives with mindless entertainment and meaningless social activities And they consume vast quantities of plastic crap with no discernible purpose other than to fill up time in their empty little lives. At least they're happy-- a happiness borne of docile stupidity. --ABRAHAM LINCOLN
MORE PITHY APHORISMS BY JOHN TRUBEE The less I have to deal with other human beings the happier and freer I am. Ignore authority and it will dry up and die. The reason that criminals have our unacknowledged admiration is because they blatantly disregard laws which we, ourselves, on some level, yearn to violate. The ultimate evasion of personal responsibility: "It was God's will that the devil made me do it!" People always need someone weak and powerless in order to help define themselves. Traditionally the young serve the purpose of being their elder's niggers. It is good and useful when celebrities die because it gives the people at my workplace something to talk about. A large part of me silently yearns to commit some unspeakable outrage--because the deadening tedium of quotidian existence, like a stagnant pond, occasionally requires an influx of oxygen to renew life and to flush out all the dead and decaying life forms...there's a part of me which yearns to perpetrate some unthinkable, disruptive outrage, something which will jar everyone's sensibilities--something which will cause them to doubt their own conceptions of things--something which will convince them I'm insane, something which will keep them discussing it for years... One thing I find very ugly and disappointing about life is hearing the nagging, scolding, condescending voices of all those moms and old hag teachers I loathed when I was a boy in the speech of my female contemporaries. As a child I forever hated and yearned to escape from the yoke of the bitchy adult world conveyed through the figure of the old lady. How that condescending attitude is embodied in women of my age, some of whom I'd otherwise desire to seduce--but I have no choice but to maintain a safe distance from them. Copulating with famous people is a cheap substitute for and avoidance of accomplishing anything great with your own life. A public which makes 'BUTTERFLY KISSES' a hit is pleading for a resounding asskicking. Let the stomping begin! The traits we attribute to gods and devils are often as yet unrealized manifestations of our own human potential. The strong, the free, the brave, the noble rightly eschew public opinion in determining their courses of action. Being overly concerned with the opinions of others is the mindset of the despicable craven weakling ninny asshole. Freedom is a value due to what must be endured to obtain it and by experiencing the lack of it. You must crawl through shit to get to freedom. If you abuse your freedom through cretinous irresponsibility, you'll lose it and again be back in prison--where you belong! The unease you experience when encountering my creations is a reflection of the nausea I experience dealing with you in your world. Now you know how I experience you. Philosophy of the parasite: I am weak, stupid, and afraid-- so I must glom onto others in order to survive! Magic occurs when something you wish for, long for, obsess over-- and events in the world concur to produce your much desired event or object. We long for the magic in life to give meaning to the quotidian tedium of living in the everyday world. I am forever suspicious of people for whom luxury, material possessions, and social status are primary motivators and values. I grew up around such people, and my formative experiences, however unique and idiosyncratic, lead me to view such people as shallow, hypocritical creeps. Certain people climb upward to higher positions on the human social hierarchy by thwarting and bottlenecking the life energy of their fellow human beings. These willful obstructionists are known as tyrants--from the petty bullies sitting astride the dysfunctional family tormenting its other members--to the New Age guru subtly controlling his followers through contrived bullshit--to the mad despot of the nation-state exterminating his subjects. They prey upon the weakness and ignorance of those whom they dominate in order to assume their mantle of power in the world. They do not create, invent, or produce anything of benefit to humankind--yet their mastery of psychology allows them to lord over others. I see through the scam and refuse to allow bullies to dominate me or con men to bamboozle me.
B U L L I E S 1. The world is composed of people who need to bully and dominate others, those who willingly submit to such bullying, and those who need to be free and walk away from this tiresome pathology. I belong to the last group. Many people exalt in their status within a hierarchy-- corporate, institutional, or organizational--in lieu of actual accomplishments, in lieu of their own tangible creative works, or in lieu of any real, measurable productivity. Only assholes, weaklings, conformists, and mediocrities value unearned social status over individual creative accomplishment. 3. The nature of business and politics: Repugnant creeps owing each other favors dominating slaves who do the real work building and maintaining the systems over which they, the repugnant creeps, lord. 4. Certain people climb upwards to higher positions on the human social hierarchy simply by thwarting and bottlenecking the life energy of their fellow human beings. These willful obstructionists are known as tyrants--be they the petty bullies sitting astride the dysfunctional family tormenting its other members--to the maniacal despots of the nation-state exterminating its subjects at their whimsy. 5. Those who as moral authorities invest so much time and energy attempting to cram rules down everyone else's throats and dictate acceptable behavior are almost always themselves the most egregious violators of the rules--and then they are the ones who bleat pitifully when one more powerful crams rules down their throats! 6. There are 2 types of rebellion: one which breaks rules, and one which questions the very precepts and assumptions upon which those rules are founded. The former type reinforces the status quo because each system requires an antivalue or devil which breaks its rules--then is put on trial and is subsequently punished. This scenario--the offense of the devil/rulebreaker followed by his indictment and punishment ever reinforces the power structure of the status quo. The latter type of rebellion, however, is potentially lethal to the established order of a system--for it questions the very value and meaning of the assumptions upon which the power structure is based. Any aware tyrant will first exterminate the thinkers and publishers--then arrest and flog with less immediacy mere criminal rulebreakers.
THE BLACK OCEAN Copyright 1997 John Trubee Eternity is an infinite black ocean upon which the lifeboat of humanity bobs through the night mist. Viewed from above, the lifeboat resembles the fecund shape of a birth canal ever birthing more humans into this void. New humans emerging on the lifeboat by dint of their nascent existence topple ripe elders over the gunnels into the dark abyss of eternity/death/the unknown. Enjoy your ride upon this sad little boat-- for your time, brief and precious, shall shortly end as you topple overboard into the endless black ocean.
THE NEW AMERICAN INFANT Copyright 1996, 1997 John Trubee Now such grotesqueries as chocolatey and lemony infect the lexicon bespeaking the ubiquitous oral preeminence of the New American Infant. Once proud cowboy now fat-assed cretin. Once curious scientist now mall drone gangbanger. Once ballsy westward-forger now jacuzzi-lounging sleazeball. Once prolific inventor now drunken celebrity wastrel. Once hardy pioneer prairie mama now scaggy teenage crack whore. O America You blew it. You became too soft for your own damn good. Your nuclear submarines beneath the Indian Ocean protect the trust funds of golfing adulterers in Indian Wells --from what? Thomas Jefferson's vision somehow hideously devolved into the embarrassingly trivial tripe of the Jerry Springer Show. O America founded by geniuses with utmost esteem for the mind you've become a gaudy playground for capricious brats, imbecilic sociopaths, emotional snivelers, and feel-good movie patrons weeping upon their fake popcorn who constantly kill mind in mindless reflex. Petty orally-fixated ninnies bullying for money, lying, cheating, stealing, insider trading, filing spurious lawsuits for dubious gain, and squandering job slavedom's bucks upon chimerical lottery ticket delusions, you trashed your vaunted work ethic in the mad mob dash for sticky candy. (At what point does optimism become stupidity?) (How many stomped hopes at last inform the deluded mind?) You murdered your freedom with cretinous irresponsibility, you placed social approval above the expressions of the mind, you slobbered over money as the supreme value, and now you wonder why you are drowning in shit. O America neon playground for vicious money whores and candyass upwardly mobile dipshits: who'll incinerate these vermin? The New American Infant soils his diapers and whimpers.
SHOPPING Shopping is an important activity for many stunted normal people, for it blesses them with the delusion that they are accomplishing something important, that they are intelligent ("smart shoppers will find outstanding bargains this week, blah blah blah"), and it keeps them preoccupied in the leisure time in which they might otherwise be murdering each other, fucking each other's spouses, and torturing their children. It matters not that life occasionally mugs you--but it is essential that you get up, dust off, and go on without being permanently damaged after each mugging. Rock stars: shallow, poorly-educated candyasses who need to be the center of attention. Clap for me, mommy! To the stunted normal: the mediocrity you love to worship in your in your mob of unnecessary duplicates blesses you with the delusion of security. Smug yuppies who transmogrify food and coffee into elaborate fetishes don't have anything of significant value that they're attempting to accomplish with their lives. They obsess over the trivial accouterments of their lifestyles while ignoring the overall meaning of their lives. I want to become your docile and stupid beast of burden so that you can underhandedly appropriate precious time and energy out of my life in the form of dollar bills I earned in my menial wage slavedom to subsidize your wanton shopping sprees for absolutely essential consumer goods! Certain people in this world need their asses profoundly kicked. Murder and mayhem are against the law. Using images terrify, disgust, and offend the dishonest weakling normals almost as satisfying as murdering them. I'm sick of living in a world in which, due to rules of civility, propriety, the social contract, and the caprices of the socio-economic hierarchy, I must continually submit to my inferiors. Payback time is coming. The world is full of strangers who'd love to kill you for no good reason at all: Why are you trying to gain their favor? Why your incessant striving after popularity? They'd ditch you in a heartbeat as the next distraction flounced by. They'd slit your throat--then babble incoherencies when queried by the cops for a motive. Mindset of a weakling normal: "I am so terrified of pain disease, darkness, and death that I refuse to even acknowledge their existence!" Most people express too much reverence for dead icons and too little respect for the grass growing beneath their feet. Pathetic normals strive for wealth and material consumer goods in inexplicable attempts to emulate their masters, the rich bastards, who have their aristocratic riding boots firmly implanted upon the necks of the pathetic normals. The more time you sacrifice worshipping dead idols and shallow celebrities, the less time you have to invest striving to achieve your highest potential. Children are those blessed creatures who still believe that you can obtain the things you desire in life by asking permission from and being nice to others.
PEOPLE One person is a god or beast unto himself. Two people are the agonies and ecstasies of love. Three people are the inception of a mob. Additional people: Keep those motherfuckers away from me.
To those who despair of the prevalence of popular culture: "Let the mediocre have their mediocrities." The more time you waste relating to people on a petty, interpersonal level, the less you create and produce of permanent value. Never placate assholes--it only encourages them. A1 fresco dining is for obnoxious yuppies who want to mix their food in with the dogshit in the street. Having talent and using it is indescribably more satisfying than having money and spending it. The artist's purpose is to extract what is beautiful from what is possible. God and the devil exist as handy excuses for those too weak, too stupid, and too unaware to assume full responsibility for themselves in this world. It is very important that you fit in with all the other petty mediocrities who surround you--and God forbid you ever reveal your mind and soul and dare to accomplish something exceptional--because then you'll be exiled from the mob of little mediocre conformists, which is the most horrendous fate imaginable. Most potentates, tyrants, and moguls obtain power by withholding what others are wanting or needing; in other words, their power is derived from creating artificial scarcity by obstructing the flow of desired objects to their desires-- and by contriving and manipulating artificial wants in the gullible. The more insecure a person feels, the greater is his need for rules as an attempt to keep chaos at bay. The love of rules springs from fear and insecurity. Police are proxies for and enforce the will of the weaklings who would otherwise be overridden and destroyed.
THE RULE-GIVERS Many people establish an identity for themselves by demanding compliance of others to contrived rules and regulations These rules have no absolute value. They serve as a framework to establish a hierarchy and contrived value system of rulegivers, which in turn produce what the rulegivers most desire: their dominance over others; hence, their identity as Kings of the Hill, Knock a rulegiver off of his throne and he'll kill himself rather than live as one he oppressed.
A Personal Message From John Trubee: If you don't hear from me for long periods of time You may safely assume That I'm locked in a dungeon Having my life/blood/time/energy/libido Sucked out by demonic leech vampires from Hell. Normal people call it "going to work".
WHAT JOHN TRUBEE SEZ The larger the mob grows, the less important the individual becomes. Behind the glitz are nothing but shits. Provoke 'em with hokum--then refute 'em with sputum! You should live every day as if you are creating material for a fascinating obituary. If no one and nothing ever died, the earth would soon become a stifling pit of excrement. Death is good, death is necessary, death is the requisite opposing force which keeps the circle of life in motion. The keener your awareness of death, the greater your love of life. A WANTONLY SARCASTIC STATEMENT: I enjoy deliberately subjecting myself to painful and unpleasant activities in order to prove my manhood and to impress people who are utterly indifferent to me if not actively antagonistic towards me. A CONTRIVED DECLARATION OF DESPAIR: The world is going to be the way it is regardless of what I feel or want--hence I have stopped wanting anything and I have stopped feeling anything. Art is the only place where you can tell the truth and get away with it. Any place else you tell the truth will cause you to be shouted down, cast out, imprisoned, or lynched.
IT DOESN'T CONCERN ME ANYMORE Copyright 1997 John Trubee It doesn't concern me anymore The intense interpersonal relationships The misunderstandings The hurt feelings The defensiveness The arguments The raised voices The tears The blubberings and sobbings and crying The he said/she said/he said/she said/he said/she said Eternal boy/girl nonsense. I don't have time for this crap anymore. Don't bother me with your crap soap opera intrigue. "Let's talk about our relationship." "Let's talk about our relationship." "Let's talk about our relationship." "Let's talk about our relationship." "Let's "Let's ...and blabber about other people. The he said/she said/he said/she said/he said/she said eternal boy/girl nonsense. talk about our relationship." talk about our relationship." Nature attempts to trick babies into existence A woman might try to steal my time and energy but my lowly position on the socio-economic ladder makes me an undesirable prospect for copulation: Women have been incredibly snotty to me forever. "Let's talk about our relationship." The he said/she said/he said/she said eternal blabber, The transparently cloaked tussles for power over another human being of the opposite sex Unsuccessfully disguised beneath the "Let's talk about our relationship" routine The time spent together The tears and the blubberings The transient emotions The whimpering and moaning and crying and emoting are all about nature's trickery of reproduction and power of one human being over another.