To all visitors: Kalvos & Damian is now a historical site reflecting nonpop
from 1995-2005. No updates have been made since a special program in 2015.
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About the Website Updates

Kalvos & Damian is back as K&D: In the House!. The latest shows will be posted on the regular shows page.

Here's the story: When the broadcast show was retired in 2005, Kalvos & Damian became largely a historical site reflecting nonpop from 1995-2005. Many of the composer pages still read 2002 or 2003. Links to record companies have been removed because Google works better, and many went back to the days when record companies didn't even have their own websites. Remember that Kalvos & Damian was there early -- beginning in September of 1995, when our "podcasts" predated the word "podcast" by about ten years. We're still what's kindly referred to as a "Web 1.0" site, and will remain so.

Our RSS feed (see the XML button in the navigation column to the left) will inform you when new content is added, including both the monthly Noizepunk & Das Krooner shows, and interview transcripts that are now being posted.

Aside from the Noizepunk & Das Krooner and K&D: In the House!, transcripts are another area of good news. Some visitors may recall that we promised transcripts some time ago. A series of lost transcribers (some who took the money and ran) derailed this project. We now have an arrangement with a composer and also a Canadian Electroacoustic Music Center to do these transcriptions, About 100 are done, and they will start appearing shortly.

To another issue: We are not rewriting history. Some of you have written to ask that playlists be changed. These document historical reality; they are not current biographies (which we will try to update on request) or critical links.

We're not certain what the future will bring. Kalvos & Damian was always a volunteer effort, but now no longer has any funding, except for help from pair Networks, our remarkable hosting company (if you need a hosting company, you really can't do better than pair). That means what was once just a time question is now a question of money -- support for K&D's site is out-of-pocket, save for the generosity on two remaining composer supporters. When our server crashed in February 2008, only one composer and one listener came to our aid ("us" meaning Dennis Báthory-Kitsz and David Gunn). That's why we ask additional patience. At a cost of nearly $1500 a year, K&D is no small expense for us, even to maintain a historical site and support new "In the House!" shows.

Thanks for reading, and head back to the home page.

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