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Dennis Báthory-Kitsz

Dennis Báthory-KitszDennis Báthory-Kitsz
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Dennis Báthory-Kitsz

HomePage Expanded Dennis Báthory-Kitsz pages.

Catalog Catalog of Musical Scores, with downloadable scores in Finale ETF and Adobe PDF, with RealAudio and Midi examples.

Echo Echo: A Performance Ritual in Three Parts, with commentary & 16 photos.
Plasm over ocean Plasm over ocean: A Chamber Opera, with commentary, music, & 19 photos.
Stoneworld/Grey Stoneworld/Grey, a dadaist performance event, with commentary & 3 photos.
Wolf5: An Outdoor Installation Wolf5, an outdoor installation and performance work, with commentary, score, & 16 photos.
Sex and Death: Offerings Sex and Death: Offerings by Pavel Kraus, an installation with music from Detritus of Mating, with 40 photos.

RatGeyser for 128K MP3 version of Michael Manion's performance of RatGeyser, 7:40, by Dennis Báthory-Kitsz.
RatGeyser for 320K MP3 version of RatGeyser. Download 128K version or 320K version.
Descent of the Particles Descent of the Particles in RealAudio 2 format, 1:03.
Descent of the Particles Descent of the Particles in MPEG-2 format, 250K.
Descent of the Particles Descent of the Particles in MIDI format, 15K.
Descent of the Particles The score to Descent of the Particles in Finale® ETF format, 166K.
A Fanfare for Peace: The Lily and the Thorn A Fanfare for Peace: The Lily and the Thorn in RealAudio 3 format, 4:37.
zéyu, quânh and sweeh zéyu, quânh and sweeh in RealAudio 3 format, 3:25.
Brand 9 from Outer Space Brand 9 from Outer Space in RealAudio 3 format, 5:12.
Emerald Canticles, Below Emerald Canticles, Below in RealAudio 3 format, 15:45.
Csárdás Csárdás in RealAudio 3 format, 8:19.
s'londro s'londro in RealAudio 3 format, 5:26

Thoughts on Composition An essay, Night Thoughts on the Process of Composition.
Thoughts on Composition The essay, Night Thoughts, read by the composer in RealAudio 3 format, 9:14. (RA2/14.4 version)
Comments Brief comments by the composer in RealAudio 3 format, 1:47. (RA2/14.4 version)
Everybody's Gotta Trust ... But Verify? An essay, Everybody's Gotta Trust ... But Verify?.
Gilles Yves Bonneau: An Appreciation An essay, Gilles Yves Bonneau: An Appreciation.
War ... and Peace An essay, War ... and Peace.
Partch on His 99th An essay, Partch on His 99th.
The Patron Saint of Medicrities An essay, The Patron Saint of Mediocrities, an autobiographical survey.
Music on the Web An essay, Your Music on the Web -- Ways, Means, Rights and the Old West.
Our Demented Therapeutic Culture An essay, Our Demented Therapeutic Culture.
On Being Overwhelmed An essay, On Being Overwhelmed.
How Not to Prepare for a K'n'D Guest Appearance An essay, How Not to Prepare for a K'n'D Guest Appearance.
The Churchill Society Debate An essay, The Churchill Society Debate: A Futile Correspondence, an exchange on the state of new music.
It's Time to Bury the Dead An essay, It's Time to Bury the Dead, call for an end to old performances.
Construal of Music Process Architecture An essay, Construal of Music Process Architecture, views on structure.
Composing a New Language An essay, Composing a New Language, MedArt International proposal by the composer and Barbara S.J. Balch.
Erzsebet the Vampire Erzsébet Báthory The Vampire.
The Transitive Empire Writers and Editors The Transitive Empire, Writers & Editors.
OrbitAccess accessibility project OrbitAccess Web Accessibility Project.

Click here for Full-size publicity photo of the composer (right-click and save as... to download). Credit to Charley Freiberg

Dennis Báthory-KitszDennis Báthory-Kitsz

Dennis Báthory-Kitsz was born in the year that Richard Strauss died, the LP was born, and Silly Putty was invented. It was an auspicious time. Oxymoronically self-taught, Dennis has composed music for vaudeville shows, orchestras, sound sculptures, soloists, tape & electronics, dancers, multimedia environments, and performance events. He has finally decided to make his income via music and audio, while he has directed the Dashuki Music Theatre (Plasm over ocean and Stoneworld/Grey) and Il Gruppo Nuke Jitters (Echo), runs the awkwardly eclectic arts coop Malted/Media, and has composed for real-people squawkers such as orchestras, chamber ensembles and soloists -- some of whom have actually played his music. In fact, you'd be surprised how many people have actually asked to play his stuff. If youve got a minute, stop by to read The Middle-Aged Hiker or scifimania in The Karmora Papers. If you like all these sub-kewl K&D web pages, hire him, because he's a darn good senior editor for The Transitive Empire.

Dennis is presently composing a set of songs entitled Cold Stones; Diamonds for 32 players; Clowns, a performance event; and Erzsébet, an opera. His Detritus of Mating, an electroacoustic soundscape, is 27 years long. He has recently completed iskajtbrz for electronic sounds; Spammung for voice and electronics; LiquidBirds for 3 theremins, 3 voices, and video; Northsea Balletic Spicebush for solo string bass; Genial Music for strings, piccolo, and glockenspiel; and several of his continuing Glossolalia studies. He lives in Northfield, Vermont. His music is published by Westleaf Edition. His resume is available to read.

Representative musical compositions:

UnLimit iskajtbrz on "UnLimit" (Japan)

Sounds and Colors of Vermont Mountain Millennium Dawn and Sourian Slide on "Sounds and Colors of Vermont"

Frog Peak Collaborations Project zéyu, quânh, and sweeh on "The Frog Peak Collaborations Project"

Detritus of Mating Detritus of Mating Kalvos's Top 100

Alive and Well Csárdás on "Alive and Well"

Want to see a full catalog of his published music? Click here Catalog

To reach the composer:
    email: Contact Form
    telephone/fax: 802-485-3972
    physical mail: 176 Cox Brook Road, Northfield, Vermont 05663