To all visitors: Kalvos & Damian is now a historical site reflecting nonpop
from 1995-2005. No updates have been made since a special program in 2015.
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Funding for Kalvos & Damian is always needed. Composers, show hosts, and website builders Dennis Báthory-Kitsz and David Gunn have worked nearly six five years to make K&D a valuable resource. Some of its activities -- such as building detailed composer pages -- are being taken over by the composers themselves. That's good. And sites like make it possible to hear many composers in fine, high-fidelity streams. That's good, too.

But having a large archive of interviews and sound clips is even more important now than when we started in 1995. There is a huge body of "competitive" work on line, mostly pop music, crowding out the visibility of new concert/classical/electroacoustic (etc.) music once again. The mainstream media have not given their attention to the remarkable place of new music on the Internet 'stage', but rather of the Internet as one more distribution channel. Though expected, it is still astounding to us. The interactivity and community nature is being replaced by a sales mentality -- even has begun posting royalty earnings and popularity charts.

We welcome change. But it also means that Kalvos & Damian needs to provide its service in a stronger way, and sometimes a more costly way. Because of costs, we have been limited to interviews and guests from the eastern United States and Western Europe. We struggle always with on-line space. The licensing issues undreamed of in 1995 have become a nightmare in 2000.

If K&D has a purpose, and we believe it does (as do both ASCAP and The Argosy Foundation, who awarded K&D honors in the same week in October 2000), then seeing those purposes through becomes increasingly time-consuming and costly. We will continue with our show and site, but would like it to continue to have meaning for composers and their audiences in more than a deejay way. Please help us continue and contact us with your contributions.


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