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General News

A guide to Kalvos & Damian

On April 19, 1996, we installed our web counter. It's an honest counter, not a 'hit counter' -- in other words, even though Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar contains 530 web pages and 2,500 separate files, visitors are only counted once, or when their browser cache is emptied. (Our homepage alone would register 14 hits per visitor!). So our thanks to all 62,000-plus of you for visiting, and we hope you'll explore all our features:

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Have You Submitted a Link?

Our Music Resources for Composers and Music Resources by Composers are suffering from lack of hands. When we began this project in 1995, we could barely find a hundred resources for and by composers. Now there are thousands, and we're simply unable to keep up. Please click here and see if you can rustle us up some help!


The Amsterdramm Project

The AmsterDramm Project was a live simulcast (radio and Internet) of Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar in an interview with composers David Dramm and Ann La Berge, along with a live concert of their music, on September 12, 1998. Also participating were many other composers and artists. The concert took place in STEIM's concert hall in Amsterdam as a finale to the annual Gaudeamus Music Week.

The 5-hour program 2:30-7:30pm EDT (1830 to 0130 GMT) was broadcast in the United States on WGDR-FM in Plainfield, Vermont (until 6pm), and cybercast to the Northeast US from its RealAudio server, with a USA-at-large mirror provided by Jesse Kanner Internet. In the Netherlands, the concert will receive delayed broadcast in Amsterdam and received immediate cybercast by VuurWerk Internet via high-bandwidth ISDN, and they provided the main feed to the United States as well.

David 'Damian' Gunn anchored the U.S. side of the interview from the WGDR studios, and Dennis 'Kalvos' Báthory-Kitsz was in Amsterdam at STEIM. The live interview and concert welcomed composer luminaries from the Netherlands. Pre-recorded segments of music filled out the program.

This was be one of the first broadcast/cybercasts of an extended live exchange via an Internet connection worldwide, and had only a few minutes of downtime -- one of the most successful experiments in the new technology. Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar is seeking funding to meet extensive technical requirements, provide publicity, and cover production expenses.

Click here for the pictures (and soon audio!) of the AmsterDramm evening!

Click here for the AmsterDramm Funding Page

This project needs to make up considerable funding -- we came up about $2,500 short. Please contact Contact Form, +1-802-485-3972, or write to 176 Cox Brook Road, Northfield, Vermont 05663 USA to make a tax-deductible contribution to this project.


Board of Advisors

Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar established its Board of Advisors in September. The Board provides assistance and suggestions in matters of funding, publicity, and distribution, offers suggestions on composers to interview and cities to visit for interviews, and helps with problems. Our board consists of composers and active listeners to new music.

Board of Advisors


Our cybercasts continue

For the past year, the K&D weekly cybercast has proven very popular. You can hear Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar live on-line every Saturday from 2:30 to 4:30 pm Eastern Time with this link (which also cybercasts WGDR-FM during its normal 18-hour broadcast day). This link will always be available from K&D's home page or our net audio page -- the best place to bookmark it! Our composer music and interview samples are also streaming nicely. We use the RealAudio method, and you can get a player for your system either from our download page or from Real Networks.


Our archived shows are flourishing

As soon our past K&D shows reappeared after an unexpected absence, listenership grew. AudioNet will continue to offer the most recent shows, but the main body of archived music and interviews come down the Internet "pipe" courtesy of Goddard College. You can see an index of these archives at our shows page.

There are more than 130 shows now, including interviews with John Appleton, Martin Arnold, Michael Arnowitt, Jacques Bailhé, Clarence Barlow, Gary Barwin, Dennis Báthory-Kitsz, Marc Battier, Olexandra Beck, Anita Beckmann, Eve Beglarian, David Behrman, Henning Berg, Susan Bettmann, Peter Beyls, Gilles Yves Bonneau, Craig Bove, Canary Burton, Allison Cameron, Joseph Celli, Joel Chadabe, Rhys Chatham, Nicolas Collins, Dennis Darrah, Maria de Alvear, Jody Diamond, Nick Didkovsky, David Dramm, Arpad Elo, Matthew H. Fields, Howard Jonathan Fredrics, David Gibson, Bill Gilliam, Stephen Gryc (twice), David Gunn (twice), Daron Hagen, Tom Hamilton, Jeff Harrington, William Harris, Christos Hatzis, Zeke Hecker, Fred Ho, Don Jamison, Udo Kasemets, Rip Keller, Chris Koenigsberg, David Kraus, Drew Krause, Johan van Kreij, Anne La Berge, Mary Jane Leach, John Levin, Benedict Mason, Thomas Massella, Elma Miller, Keith Moore, Erik Nielsen, Mary Oliver, Pauline Oliveros, John Oswald, Stephen Parkinson, Sarah Peebles, Troy Peters, Bea Phillips, Robert H.P. Platz, Larry Polansky, Eliane Radigue, Thomas L. Read, Kaija Saariaho, Michael Sahl, Arthur Sauer, Phillip Silver, Linda Catlin Smith, Ann Southam, Laurie Spiegel, Rick St. Clair, Don Stewart, Carl Stone, Peter Tavalin, James Tenney, George Todd, Richard Tolenaar, Michael Torke, Scott MX Turner, Peter Van Riper, Gwyneth Walker, Daniel Weymouth, and an original student opera.

There are special show topics without guests, too: Atonality, funny music, electronic music, a Webern celebration, piano and string quartets, music of the 1980s, Vermont Composers Festival, unique instrumentation, New York composers, dance music, unusual combos, recent classics, rhythmic music, music for voices, our Golden Age, music for winds, renting orchestras, homage to John Cage, tribute to Conlon Nancarrow, choruses, a two-week Electroacoustic Music Week special, political music, the Golden Bruce award, and an impeachment festival of marches and dances.

The complete list of these shows if found at our KalvoNet page, and the new shows are always announced on the K&D homepage.


Updated music resources -- can you help?

Our most popular sections, Music Resources for Composers and Music Resources by Composers, are both undergoing a facelift again. The web is expanding and we're simply unable to keep up. We have been graced by research from composers David Robert Stewart and Prof. William Harris, who helped us post a refreshed 2,000-link resource collection in June, but we're way behind schedule on our latest updates. With current update submissions, more than a quarter of the resource list will be entirely new for January.

Are you available to research a few pages and update links? Do you have students looking for some research work? Please check our resource pages to see what we need, and then contact Contact Form.


Money (sigh)

Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar is a very costly project. K&D's fiscal agent is the Vermont Contemporary Music Ensemble, a 501(c)3 organization, and gifts to K&D are tax-deductible to the extent allowed. We are not presently funded by government or corporate grants, and only private contributions let the program continue, along with facilities generously provided by WGDR-FM and Goddard College.

Please offer your support. For more information, contact us by email, or just write out your check to "Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar" and send it to us at 176 Cox Brook Road, Northfield, Vermont 05663 USA. Gifts of DATs, blank CD-Rs, chrome cassettes, Zip disks, some nice traveling microphones, and other supplies -- as well as help with research and maintenance -- are also welcome. Both our portable DAT recorders have failed after a number of years in service. We are desperate to replace these, which are used for our on-site interviews. Please help!


End of the newsline

Our audio newsline of upcoming events in the new music world didn't prove fruitful. We updated it daily for a while, then every few days, but had no feedback ... we post by what our visitors want, and that wasn't it. We'll may give it another try next year, since we continue to receive many announcements each week. Churchill Society linkers ... you arrived here because the Society is, well, a little confused. Instead, go here. Thanks.


News for Guest Composers

Do you want to return as a guest?

After a tightly scheduled summer and fall, our interview hours are now opening up for winter. We have already had some returning guests -- Steve Gryc and David Gunn -- and we'll have some open shows for guests to return. We had hoped to broadcasting tapes from our Montréal tour, but we haven't raised the funding yet. If you would like to return as a guest on Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar (or if you haven't appeared at all!), we'd love to have you on the show. Remember that we're now cybercasting, and the show is heard worldwide.

To be a guest, please contact us by email to Contact Form, telephone (+1-802-485-3972) or postal mail (176 Cox Brook Road, Northfield, Vermont 05663 USA).


Do you have new recordings?

Composers on K&D are increasingly popular, which delights us! Whenever you have new recordings, including good-quality concert recordings, be sure to forward us a copy. We can't play everything -- especially after the quantity of music we've started receiving now that K&D have been "discovered" by record labels -- but we try to keep our guests in our audience's ears. With cybercasting, the audience has grown dramatically. We also scan the covers of your recordings, and add the images to your web page (see below). Forward your latest recordings to Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar, 176 Cox Brook Road, Northfield, Vermont 05663 USA.

Important: Make listening easy on us!. Then you'll get played more often ... well, write great music first, but you know what we mean. When you submit recordings, try to give us a hand. First, label, label, label! Also:


Are your web pages current?

Many of you have started actively using your K&D web pages. But some of your pages are getting stale -- old photos, music clips, catalogs, bios, and even incorrect email addresses or phone numbers, and changed homepage links.

We actively submit pages to searchers, so fresh information is important. We try update most of our pages every Saturday night, so please keep us informed. You can send us your text as an email, and you can send us photos and music clips as email attachments -- or through postal mail. You can also use our new FTP directory at We can use brief video clips (under 1 MB) on your pages as well. Some of what we use is listed below. Note: Email us if you use FTP so we can retrieve the files!

If we haven't yet updated your page, please remind us. I think we're caught up, but it's been a very busy fall.

If you send us computer media, you may send us PC- or Mac-formatted diskettes, Zip disks or CDs:


Do you have audio art for broadcast?

In the coming year, we would like to broadcast more of your audio art: essay, collage, composition, or other unique use of the audio medium. Just about anything creative you'd like to send in -- up to 10 minutes in length -- will be featured, and also added to your web page. For audio art, we would appreciate the material on CD, DAT or MiniDisc, but high-quality cassettes can also be used. (In the near future, we'll be accepting Internet formats and CD-ROMs. If you want to send that, please get in touch first.)

First read our recordings submission guidelines, then send material to us at 176 Cox Brook Road, Northfield, Vermont 05663 USA.


Have you made cool scripts and applets?

With our new server in place, we have a little more breathing room. Some of you have made musical scripts or applets to run over the Web, and we would be pleased to have them served from the K&D site, or link your existing applet. So if you have Javascript or Java applets that would delight visitors, send them along ... we can't include cgi or applications that need to be run from our server, but other items are welcome.

Email your applet, with instructions (and a demo, if necessary) to add to your web page, to Contact Form, or use our FTP site.


Do you have essays and commentaries?

The commentaries and essays on the K&D pages are many and varied, and generate considerable public response. Send along some of your writings and we'll post them attached to your web page -- actually your web page suite, ha! -- and make sure they're found by searchers.

Email a text copy (read the guidelines) to Contact Form, and include any illustrations, diagrams, etc., in JPEG or GIF format. You can also FTP the materials. If you have no electronic version of the goodies, mail a crisp copy on white paper to us at 176 Cox Brook Road, Northfield, Vermont 05663 USA -- we'll convert them and get them posted.


Can you provide graffiti page links?

One popular page is our graffiti page. Visitors love it, but we have few contributions of links from our guest composers. Check out how it works, and if you have links to some interesting things you're doing -- images, music, applets, writings, videos, etc. -- email the URLs to us.

This site has been pretty much neglected lately because of lack of new links sent to us, and we need our enthusiasm cranked up. Send us some cool links.


Why don't we play your music more often?

We have limited air time and virtually no budget, so some choices are made simply for our convenience -- and for this we apologize but hope you can understand. We two, the veritable Kalvos and Damian, choose the music, write the commentaries, conduct the interviews, edit the tapes, do our own engineering right down to WGDR's transmitter logs, and prepare all the post-show RealAudio conversions and web page updates.

We've set up some guidelines. Selections most likely to be played are great compositions (...had to say that!...), under 15 minutes in length, and recorded on a clearly indexed medium, including CD, CD-R, Minidisc, vinyl, and even cassette. We understand that it's too much to ask that every composer make copies of music on CD, but all other issues being equal, keep in mind that we'll grab a CD before any other format. Remember, we love to play stuff. So please follow these format guidelines to keep us enthused!



Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar is a very costly project, and unlike Artswire, American Music Center, etc., we do not ask that our composer guests be "members" or pay for their web pages. But we do need support, and several composers and fans of new music have been generous. We thank them again here. K&D's fiscal agent is the Vermont Contemporary Music Ensemble, a 501(c)3 organization, and gifts to K&D are tax-deductible in USA to the extent allowed. We are not presently funded by government or corporate grants, and only private contributions let the program continue, along with facilities generously provided by WGDR-FM, Goddard College, and our own Malted/Media.

Please offer any support you can. For more information, contact us by email, or just write out your check to "Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar" and send it to us at 176 Cox Brook Road, Northfield, Vermont 05663 USA. Gifts of DATs, blank CD-Rs, chrome cassettes, Zip disks, some nice traveling microphones, a replacement for our failed portable DAT recorder, and other supplies -- as well as help with research and maintenance, and keeping your own K&D page fresh -- are also welcome.