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February - March 2004

K&D Newsletter

General News

News for Guest Composers

General News

We Have Broadcast 456 Shows

We are approaching show #460. That means 1,000 hours of K&D -- as if we broadcast 24 hours a day for six weeks. How did it happen? Why did it happen? Our local summer replacement show has turned into an Internet radio geezer and some old guys of new nonpop.

On May 22, 2004, Kalvos & Damian will begin its tenth and last year on the air with show #468, having begun in the spring of 1995. We soon took our experiment online. We had early audio online (RealAudio 1.0, yes indeed, long before mp3 rocked the web), and made history with K&D/Webproject online mentoring and the Amsterdramm transatlantic cyber/broadcast, and 2001's Ought-One Festival of NonPop. So we were happy to celebrate 450 shows that included our latest New York tour and getting ready to broadcast the California tour.

Many thanks are offered to The Argosy Foundation as well as individual contributors for their continuing support of Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar.


K&D Show to Conclude

As we said above, we are approaching show #460. Roughly 100 shows from now, in the summer of 2005, we plan to end Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar.

But why are we doing this? It's time. It's hard to stay fresh and incisive after ten years. We're getting older, and younger composers have insights we can't evince. And, of course, time and energy have been taken away from our own composition at a point in our careers when we are finally gaining just enough visibility to make it hard to keep up with demands.

This is not fixed in stone. Maybe there are other options. Maybe we can find a new Kalvos and a new Damian, or maybe we'll just retire the body of 300 interviews, 250 composer pages, 500 essays, 100 Best of the Bazaar sound mixes, and 20GB of audio that will exist by then. We'll keep K&D online as an archive, and with our new transcription funding, it will be a greater resource for research and study as well as listening.

There's life after K&D. Look for our book which will not only be some of K&D's best moments, but also a look at the state of new music from composers famous and unknown, from diverse styles and ages, during the five year period on each side of the millennium. It'll be incisive, funny, and maybe a little embarrassing here and there. We hope so

In the next 18 months, then, be in touch. Help us finish K&D in the black. If you have ideas and want to help with the day-to-day, jump right in.


Good News! Great News!

There are four pieces of amazing news that we are delighted to share with you ... two of them are personally gratifying for us..


2003: Difficult and Rewarding

2003 was a difficult but rewarding year, with continuing broadcasts, cybercasts, and interviews across the U.S.

We had less publicity, but we managed to carry out our longstanding desire to interview composers on the US West Coast. David/Damian interviewed a dozen composers in Seattle, and both David/Damian and Dennis/Kalvos traveled to Valencia for a dozen conversations at CalArts, staying with the redoubtable composer/improviser/harpist Susan Allen. Dennis/Kalvos went up the coast to San Francisco and sat down with another dozen composers at the home of Jerry Gerber.

We finished paying off debts from the Ought-One Festival after two years in August 2003. The WGDR crisis abated, and we relaxed, knowing that at least another few months of K&D were possible. Our show stayed on line, of course, with the good graces of Pittsburgh's pair Networks and their reliable hosting services -- where and have been hosted for six years -- with their special rate for our projects, as well as web streaming courtesy of the Princeton String Academy. Please use the services of pair Networks and Princeton String Academy, and tell them where you heard about us. The other good news is that the live show stream is now back up, courtesy of WGDR.

As we mentioned last time, Kalvos's day job is as a freelance tech writer went away with 2001 tech crash, and he spent most of 2003 as Executive Director of The Vermont Alliance of Independent Country Stores. Fortunately, Damian had steady work throughout the year, but we won't tell you where. The ZipThree NonPop Festival, originally scheduled for August 2003, was canceled. And the enthusiastically begun The K&D Deli, an online recipe book from composers around the world, faded away as composers all struggled with finances.

The beginning fo 2004 gave us great hope, however. Not only was WGDR strongly on the air, but The Argosy Foundation provided a gift of transcription funds for 2004. Our thanks to Argosy for their generosity and WGDR and its programmers and staff for their dedication.


Phat Phive Phestival of NonPop 2005 in the Works

We now have the great new successor to Ought-One Festival of NonPop 2001 in the works: The Phat Phive Phestival of NonPop 2005 (link should work shortly) is being planned for next year.

Phat Phive 2005 is to be the new & improved Kalvos & Damian festival of nonpop for August 2005. We have time to get finances in order, so we have begun planning for next year. The plan is to have another weekend full of concerts -- again, four venues in downtown Montpelier, Vermont, with composers and performers joining us from around the world. We had 37 concerts at Ought-One (and you can hear them all in our broadcast archive), and hope to provide 30-40 concerts at Phat Phive. We'll post all the info in a special newsletter this summer -- but in the meantime, you can contact us with your thoughts and, naturally, your contributions!

Phat Phive will be the last event in Kalvos & Damian's 10-year history. Be sure to plan your trip to Vermont for 2005!


Live Chat Room and Bulletin Board Forum

The live chat forum and the bulletin board are open, but they are getting little use.

The Bulletin Board has sections for discussion and posting announcements of concerts and new releases. The Live Chat Forum is an opportunity to meet with composers and performers. The room is always open, but specific conversation times & dates will be announced if this develops successfully. As it is now, it doesn't appear to be going anywhere.


NonPop is Catching On!

NonPop was invented by Kalvos & Damian as a meta genre to help retire the old categories of "new music" or "avant-garde" or "modern music" or "classical music" that had too much ugly baggage associated with them. Well doggone if it isn't catching on! The term has begun to pop up (or is that nonpop up?) in emails, on websites, and in other correspondence.

Even moreso, since we began The NonPop International Network, the word has begun to be heard with increasing frequency. Yes, we know it isn't accurate and has all sorts of flaws as a description. Jazz is certainly nonpop, but it has a well-wrought word known around the globe. Our own musical niche was suffering with its poor descriptive terms -- and a little bit from some of the music itself!

Do you object to "nonpop" as being negative? We have heard that complaint. The whole point of inventing the nonpop label was to de-ghettoize the new music, taking it away from the idea of it being classical or experimental or some such baggage-laden intellectual snobbery. And negative? Hardly! It's like, say, nonfiction or nonjudgmental or nondiscrimination or nonfat or nonstop. Tell the New York Times Best-Seller List it's being negative for having a "nonfiction" category!

So use "nonpop" when you get the opportunity. It feels real good!


Guests Near 250 -- Visitors Over 650,000

As we mentioned above, Kalvos & Damian recently celebrated 450 shows presenting new music on the air and on line. Many composers were heard on the air the first time as K&D guests, and most of the K&D guest composers were heard on the net for the first time right here. We have played nearly 7,500 pieces of music and interviewed close to 250 guest composers (some still to be broadcast).

Kalvos & Damian welcomed our half-millionth visitor to this site last year (at least since we started counting in April 1997). Though Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar contains nearly 1,200 web pages and over 6,000 separate files, visitors are only counted once (or when their browser cache is emptied). Our logs show an average of 90 'hits' per visitor. Work that out and you see we've had nearly 60 million hits on K&D! CNN may gather that much in a month, but we're grateful to the nearly 2/3 million of you who have visited us in the past nine years.

We also hope you'll tell others about us and especially about new nonpop. The best part of our work is knowing that people across the globe listen to new music streamed and archived here. Composers, publishers, and record labels have generously permitted us to maintain these archives -- so if you listen, also consider purchasing CDs of the music. We always identify the label and catalog number in out playlists. Sometimes you can't but a recording (K&D plays lots of music on private recordings from the composers), but in that case, a friendly email to us or them would be welcome.

And don't forget to contribute electronically to Kalvos & Damian right now using PayPal or go to our funding page and send us a check. Thank you!


The WGDR Crisis: Over for Now

Goddard College has changed. With the closure of its undergraduate resident program, radio station WGDR FM 91.1, our home station and the flagship of The NonPop International Network was endangered. (Visit the Friends of WGDR site for some other perspectives.)

The good news is that the community rallied around WGDR, the programmers (despite some continued unfinished business with programmers banned from the station) continued to work hard, and the station management and college resolved many (though far from all) of their differences. The result was good news for the WGDR community -- and, of course, our listeners.

We will update, as usual, in our homepage notices.


Why Listen to Kalvos & Damian?

Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar is different music radio. K&D has taken on a task no one else had dared to do until very recently -- to present NonPop and its composers as a normal state of life's affairs, challenge and entertainment and funkiness and all: Music that is cool or cold or hot, composers who speak eloquently or trip over their own thinking, people who are quirky or sparkling or dull and whose music ranges from sonic big-eyed-kids-n-clowns-on-black-velvet through the Ockeghems of our time. Composers who are alive & live or unedited live-on-tape, with no second chances or politically correct rewrites. No cream of an afternoon's interview skimmed for satellite, but just the tumbling forward -- or the uncomfortable pauses -- of an afternoon visit.

In the process, we often embarrass the NonPop community.You won't see us mentioned in print very often (save for local press and the ever-perceptive duo of Kyle Gann at the Village Voice and Matt Mirapaul at the New York Times), despite having an audio archive of interviews that would take thirty 40-hour weeks to hear. That's because we have opinions, hate fakery, love credibility, and don't mind if composers weave a verbal rope for their own hanging. We also do the unthinkable in 'classical' music. We mix. We multitrack. We interrupt, dovetail, cut off, laugh, sneer, enthuse, or hoot.. We don't justify with pop similes or Mozartean parallels. And it doesn't matter if the composer is already famous, or we help in the discovery. The music just better not suck.

Sometimes it's stupid, sometimes we're stupid, because we play on the same field as our guests. We're composers, but that's not what we mean by playing on the same field. We don't script the show, nor prepare questions in advance, so no one knows what's coming next, not us, not the guest. Our guest composers are welcome to show us up as louts or compadres. Yes, we prepare material carefully for each show, but we also improvise it on a theme, a Glass Bead Game of 120 minutes length. It's a soirée or a matinée or just a kick-back in the locker room.

We also have personal standards that make our show unexpected -- despite doing an AM radio-style version of the show in February 2003. We know what we like, sure, but we'll play anything that's well made or interesting or even dull if there's a story to tell. K&D won't let you down, even if it makes you angry or stunned or shuffle-footed red-faced at our awkwardness, makes vanity labels livid, or makes a composer (or two or three) head back for the manuscript paper (or to the showers).

Ultimately, you'll hear music available nowhere else, and hear from the composers themselves.


The September 11 Tragedy

We at Kalvos & Damian live in the serene hills of Vermont, far from the events that we watched with disbelief over two years ago. We became artistically paralyzed. We lost significance. We searched for a way to speak, but as individual artists, could find none. So instead, we put out a call for music, and the results are found on The September 11 Musical Gallery. This gallery was open to new contributions until March 11, 2002, and will stay up as long as K&D does. Please visit for an insight into how composers and sound artists overcame their 9/11 paralysis.


A Guide to Kalvos & Damian

Kalvos & Damian is a broadcast/cybercast of new music and interviews, with audio archives, essays, presentations, and composer resources. We host guests and play interesting new music. But our goal is to do more than just entertain ... we provide musical and personal insight from our many guest composers and even ourselves. Two host composers, Dennis Báthory-Kitsz and David Gunn, provide extensive on-line support for research into the latest compositions and ideas, work with educational groups to provide on-line mentoring for students with important composers from around the world, and keep a good sense of humor.

Previous newsletters provided a list of site features in this section. We've changed our navigation, so now browse our site using the new site design & navigation, or you can look at the site map for a few hidden bits. Read our funding reports:

These detail our projects and budget. In the meantime, please help support us.


Board of Advisors keeps us sane!

Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar established its Board of Advisors in September 1998. The Board -- all of them composers -- provides assistance and suggestions in matters of funding, publicity, and distribution, offers suggestions on composers to interview and cities to visit for interviews, and helps with problems. Our board consists of composers and active listeners to new music.

Board of Advisors


Our archived shows are your greatest resource

Listenership continues strong for K&D's archived programs. The main body of archived music and interviews come down the Internet "pipe" courtesy of WGDR FM 91.1. You can see an index of these archives at our shows page.

There are well over 400 shows now. Here are some of the interviews programs you can hear:

Alex Abele, Charles Amirkhanian, Beth Anderson, Laurie Anderson, John Appleton, Martin Arnold, Michael Arnowitt, John Arrigo-Nelson, Christine Baczewska, Jacques Bailhé, Clarence Barlow, Gary Barwin, Dennis Báthory-Kitsz, Marc Battier, Olexandra Beck, Anita Beckmann, Eve Beglarian, David Behrman, Barbara Benary, Joseph Benzola, Henning Berg, Susan Bettmann, Peter Beyls, James Bohn, Gilles Yves Bonneau, Robert Bonotto, Matt Borghi, Michael Boriskin, Hannah Bosma, Craig Bove, Boudewijn Buckinx, Thomas Buckner, Warren Burt, Canary Burton, Claudio Calmens, Allison Cameron, Cory Carlick, Joseph Celli, Joel Chadabe, Rhys Chatham, David Cleary, Charles Coleman, Nicolas Collins, Noah Creshevsky, Conrad Cummings, Tim Cummings, Moniek Darge, Dennis Darrah, Nathan Davis, Maria de Alvear, Guy de Bièvre, Christopher DeLaurenti, David Del Tredici, Jody Diamond, Gary DiBenedetto, Nick Didkovsky, Kui Dong, Emily Doolittle, David Dramm, Barry Drogin, Robert Duckworth, Jason Eckardt, Arpad Elo, Elizabeth Falconer, Matthew H. Fields, Peter Flint, Howard Jonathan Fredrics, Michael Frengel, Ellen Fullman, Martín Alejandro Fumarola, Kyle Gann, Peter Garland, Doug Geers, Mark Gibbons, David Gibson, Bill Gilliam, Janice Giteck, Daniel Goode, James Grant, Stephen Gryc, David Gunn, Mark Gustavson, Daron Hagen, Gregory Hall, Tom Hamilton, Jeff Harrington, William Harris, Christos Hatzis, Tom Heasley, Zeke Hecker, David Heuser, Dietmar Hippler, Fred Ho, Steven Holochwost, Brenda Hutchinson, Don Jamison, Evan Johnson, Scott Johnson, Udo Kasemets, Rip Keller, Carson Kievman, Ha-Yang Kim, Phil Kline, Kyoko Kobayashi, Chris Koenigsberg, David Kraus, Drew Krause, Johan van Kreij, Yannis Kyriakides, Joan La Barbara, Anne La Berge, Margaret Lancaster, Vanessa Lann, Elodie Lauten, Steve Layton, Mary Jane Leach, John Levin, George Lewis, Anton Lukoszevieze, Eric Lyon, Peggy Madden, David Mahler, Al Margolis, Masahiro Miwa, Benedict Mason, Thomas Massella, John McGuire, Elma Miller, Scott L. Miller, Christopher Milmerstadt, Martha Mooke, Beata Moon, Keith Moore, Paul Moravec, Dennis Murphy, N.N. und Ähnliche Elemente, Mary Lou Newmark, Erik Nielsen, Dante Oei, Mary Oliver, Pauline Oliveros, Marco Oppedisano, John Oswald, Terry Winter Owens, Stephen Parkinson, Sarah Peebles, Troy Peters, Bea Phillips, Huk Don Phun, Robert H.P. Platz, Larry Polansky, Robert D. Polansky, André Posman, Jarrad Powell, Gene Pritsker, Eliane Radigue, Godfried-Willem Raes, Thomas L. Read, Johnny Reinhard, Douglas Repetto, Belinda Reynolds, Mary Lee Roberts, Eric Ross, Elena Ruehr, Frederic Rzewski, Kaija Saariaho, Michael Sahl, Eric Salzman, Arthur Sauer, Roddy Schrock, Andrew Schulze, Elliott Schwartz, Phillip Silver, Linda Catlin Smith, Stephen Smith, David W. Solomons, Ann Southam, Laurie Spiegel, Glenn Sproul, Rick St. Clair, David Stevens, Don Stewart, Carl Stone, Mike Swinchoski, Fred Szymanski, Su Lian Tan, Peter Tavalin, James Tenney, George Todd, Richard Tolenaar, Michael Torke, Bill Trimble, Calliope Tsoupaki, Scott MX Turner, Tadashi Usami, Michel van der Aa, Peter Van Riper, Andrew Violette, Rob Voisey, Martijn Voorvelt, Samuel Vriezen, Gwyneth Walker, Mark Warhol, Barbara Wellspring, Daniel Weymouth, Randall Woolf, Peter Zummo, and an original student opera.

There are special show topics without guests, too: A three-part September 11 Tragedy tribute, the ongoing concerts from the Ought-One Festival, The Loud Show, Tributes to many new record labels, Tercero de Mayo, KNDAM (K&D as AM radio), a year post 9/11, avant-garde continuum, "not an Elvis tribute", Canadian classix, music from Moscow, tributes to CRI/Frog Peak/OO/XI records, atonality, funny music, marches, electronic music, piano and string quartets, music of the 1980s, "tune tech", Vermont Composers Festival, the odd "wimmintune" in two parts, "A Cheap History of Time", "A Cheap History of Computers in Music", contraptionology, Low Countries Preview, unique instrumentation, New York composers, Seattle composers, "ears over easy", music of war & stress, dance music, unusual combos, recent classics, rhythmic music, nonpop improvisation, music for voices, Our Golden Age, music for winds, renting orchestras, celebrations of Anton Webern, John Cage, Conlon Nancarrow, David Tudor, Iannis Xenakis, and Harry Partch, choruses, a two-week Electroacoustic Music Week special, political music, the annual Golden Bruce awards, an impeachment festival of marches and dances, the "New Partnership" of live & electronic music, and a special 13-part Composers' Wisdom Series.

The complete list of these shows if found at our KalvoNet page, and the new shows are always announced on the K&D homepage.

We have addressed most issues presented by changes in U.S. law (the Digital Millennium Copyright Act) which we talked about in the last newsletter, and again in this one. The most stringent restrictions are now in effect, and lawsuits are in progress everywhere, but K&D has made an acceptable case to publishers and record labels, and they are happy with our presence on line. We are still seeking pro-bono legal counsel as these issues continue. Please contact us if you can offer that.

We would like to commend BUMA, the Dutch licensing agency, for being the first in the world to freely license medium-fidelity streaming audio of their composers' music. That's the kind of progress we believe in. We'll keep you updated, and in the meantime, be sure to keep listening.


How you can help!

We have several important projects that still need hands and funds. Here they are:


Our Music Resources for Composers and Music Resources by Composers are suffering from serious neglect, and have been suspended. When we began this project in 1995, we could barely find a hundred resources for and by composers. Now there are thousands -- dozens of new ones every week -- and we were unable to keep up. Our Music Resources by Composers have been turned over to The Living Composers Project headed up by Dan Albertson and Ron Hannah.

It's a great disappointment for us to fall behind with this, since K&D was the definitive site for new music links for the first three years of its existence. For a year, we were graced by research from composers David Robert Stewart and Prof. William Harris, who helped us refresh the 2,000-link resource collection three years ago, but this area is a jumble of dead and redirected links.

Are you available to research a few pages and update links? Do you have students looking for some research work? Please check our resource pages to see what we need, and then please contact us. Otherwise, we will drop the resource links later this year.

Legal Counsel

As we mentioned above, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act is making our project time-consuming if not occasionally difficult. The law's most stringent restrictions are now in effect, and lawsuits are in progress everywhere, such as that still underway between the record labels and K&D has amicably settled a cease-and-desist order already (part of a blanket order to all websites with audio), but nevertheless, we are seeking pro-bono legal counsel for copyright issues. We have always obtained licenses we need, but a peculiar retroactive provision in the law with respect to archiving our broadcast material has given us a struggle. Please contact us if you can offer help.


If you are a teacher needing composers to speak with, we can put you in touch. But we also need a coordinator for our Composer Mentoring Project, which has been dormant for five years. If you want to help re-activate this unique program, please contact us.


Our project is presently 75% funded by the two hosts, Dennis Báthory-Kitsz and David Gunn, with the rest provided by generous donors and The Argosy Foundation. Please see our request below, contact us with your contribution, or simply use PayPal.


Funds very much needed

Our thanks to the contributors to and regular supporters of K&D.

Broadcast/Cybercast and Website are Sponsored by
WGDR-FM 91.1 Community Radio, Malted/Media Productions, The Princeton String Academy, pair Networks, Vermont Contemporary Music Ensemble and the Vermont Composers Consortium
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Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar did not benefit from the economy of IPO's and on-line trading, and is taking a harder hit now with the economic collapse. Our fiscal agent is the Vermont Contemporary Music Ensemble, a 501(c)3 organization, so gifts to K&D are tax-deductible to the extent allowed. We are not presently funded by government or corporate grants, and only private contributions and The Argosy Foundation let the program continue, along with facilities generously provided by WGDR-FM. You are invited to read our Financial Reports to Contributors from 2002, 2001, 2000, 1998 and 1999 supplement (PDF documents).

Please offer your support. For more information, contact us by email, just write out your check to "Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar" and send it to us at 176 Cox Brook Road, Northfield, Vermont 05663 USA, or send a micro- or macro-payment via PayPal. Gifts of DATs, blank CD-Rs, Zip disks, good headphones, and other supplies -- as well as help with research and maintenance, and additional software or music database system (we do this site by hand right now) -- are also welcome.

Another excellent way of supporting K&D indirectly is to use the services offered by our sponsors pair Networks of Pittsburgh and The Princeton String Academy, or services offered by the show's hosts, David Gunn and Dennis Báthory-Kitsz: We accept commissions for music, do audio recording, mastering, and restoration, provide writing and editing via The Transitive Empire, or offer Web site accessibility evaluations such as this one from OrbitAccess. Oh, yes -- David's CD, Somewhere East of Topeka is available from Albary Records!


News for Guest Composers

Do you want to return as a guest?

Our schedule is going to tighten in 2004 as we wind down the show. We have recorded shows covering six months, so that means only another 30 or so slots for in-studio guests. We do always keep open shows for guests to visit us again, so if you're in the area, please schedule an appearance! See the end of the latest playlist for the current tentative schedule.

We are broadcasting minidisc recordings made in New York, Valencia, and San Francisco. We may be in Europe briefly in late 2004, so if you want to be on K&D, contact us for a spot.

If you would like to come back as a guest on Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar, we'd love to have you on the show. Remember that this is real radio with knobs and buttons as well as a cybercast. We used to emphasize the cybercast part, but now that everybody's doin' bitcasts -- remember that we're old-fashioned broadcast radio, doggone!

An odd thing: Not all our guests know how K&D works, even after they ask to be on the show. We have fun, we zone out on academia, and we let guests, um, talk themselves into a corner. So for a chuckle on what not to do if you come to K&D, read Kalvos's real-life chronicle, How Not to Prepare for a K&D Guest Appearance, where names have been changed to protect the innocent.

To be a guest, please contact us by email, phone, or post -- and find out about our show and site first! that includes the critical music archiving release found below.


Do you have new recordings?

Sending Recordings

We repeat this message in every newsletter, so bear with us -- most of the content is the same, but some important changes pop up every time. It is so important that now it has a special section, so please click here and read carefully!

Are your web pages current?

Most of you have stopped using your K&D web pages, moving to your own personal web pages. However, our site still comes up first in most web searches for new music, and major publications stop by K&D first. So don't forget to send material!

  • If you are leaving your K&D home for fresh Internet real estate, we have a graphic that indicates your page has become an archive page. A link will be added to your new page, and your K&D page will be frozen at its final update.
  • If you will continue to use your pages on K&D (either uniquely or parallel to your own pages), send us updated photos, music clips, catalogs, bios, and correct email addresses, phone numbers, and alternate homepage links. (Have patience; they don't always get posted right away.)

Our pages come up at the top of searchers, so fresh information is important -- including where you've moved. We try to update pages monthly. You can send us your text as an email, and you can send us photos and music clips as email attachments -- or through postal mail. For any submissions it's best to use our FTP directory at

Note: Because our site is an archive site, everything you submit stays posted (except for legal problems not anticipated by K&D or the composer!). We will (rarely) unlink some items (such as older photos), and we usually just comment out old bios in the source code. But you are who you are, and as K&D guests, you realize that you appeared on our show unedited and uncensored. That's always been our philosophy -- though most of you know that, a few composers thought our pages were promotional replacements for an agent. Can't imagine why!

We can use brief video clips on your pages now. Some of what we use is listed below. Note: Contact us if you use FTP so we can retrieve the files!

If we haven't yet updated your page, please remind us. Updates were slow this year as we completed our own major artistic projects -- including a few orchestral premieres.

If you send us computer media, you may send us PC- or Mac-formatted diskettes, Zip disks or CDs. If emailing or FTPing files, Mac users be sure to use file extensions and save as cross-platform files.

Good preparation helps all around:

  • Text: Please send us plain text via our Contact Form or using ASCII transfer to -- no curly quotes, em dashes, or tabs.
    • Sorry to repeat this mantra, but please do not send text in word processor formats like MSWord, Claris, etc., Acrobat, or even HTML (oh, heck, we're fussy about it). If we are posting a previously formatted document, or if your document contains special characters formulas, etc., that can't be reproduced any other way, then MSWord6, RTF, Acrobat PDF, or valid, section 508-accessible (only!) HTML are acceptable formats.
    • You may download and update your own page but do not in any way change the existing HTML formatting, and be sure to use ASCII transfer for download/upload of the HTML. Don't add any carriage returns or word wraps.
    • We no longer scan text. Electronic is better! Bytes yes! Atoms no!
  • Audio clips: We would love for you to send us your music, commentaries, audio art, etc., ready to go.
    • You can send .mp3 files (MPEG-1, Layer 3). Send only your best material for posting in .mp3 format (128K stereo only) -- via floppy, Zip disk, CD-R or binary transfer to, or from a website or ftp site where we can obtain them. Even better, send us the link to your mp3 site! but make sure we can download (not just listen to) the content.
    • You can send uncompressed files for us to convert (.wav, .aiff, .au) on diskettes, Zip disks, CD-Rs, or via binary transfer to You can also send CDs, DATs, etc., and we will convert them, but please read our recordings guidelines first. What applies there applies to this as well.
    • You can send RealAudio (versions 3 through 8) (.ra, .rm) for 28.8 mono or stereo as email attachments, but preferably via binary transfer to You can also send diskettes, Zip disks, or CD-Rs, or point us to a website or ftp site where we can obtain them.
    • On K&D, we are no longer supporting uncompressed formats, MPEG .mp2, or TrueSpeech .tsp. For the moment, we're leaving existing files in these formats.
    • Please no Shockwave or QuickTime formats without contacting us first, and no Windows Media at this time.
  • Midi clips: These are good for demos, and usually very compact. If they're good files for General Midi, send them along.
    • We'll take any and all Midi by email or binary transfer to, or you can point us to a website or ftp site where we can grab them; don't bother sending us floppies or Zips of these, since they're so small. Remember, General Midi format.
    • Please no Beatnik, QuickTime, or Super Conductor formats at this time.
  • Video clips: We don't have facilities to convert video for you, so we'll just post what you send if we have the space.
    • Send RealVideo (.rm), Windows Media (.wmv), QuickTime (.mov), or Intel (.avi) on Zip disk or CD-R, or via binary transfer to You can also point us to a website or ftp site and we'll get them from there if they're available in downloadable form. Try to hold them to 1MB or so.
    • Please, no Shockwave/Flash formats unless they are creative efforts (vs. documentary items).
  • Photos:
    • We prefer candid shots rather than publicity photos. Artsy stuff is fine.
    • Send JPEG (depending on your software: moderate, good, #7, standard, or 55% to 65% compression) as email attachments or via binary transfer to, or you can point us to a website or ftp site to download them.
    • Send .bmp, .tiff, .pcx, .psd and other uncompressed formats only on diskettes or Zip disks or via binary transfer to -- no email please. Pointing us to a website or ftp site is fine; we'll download them. You can send us photos as well (no slides) and we will scan them.
    • Send Flashpix .fpx and we'll convert it to JPEG.
    • Please, no PhotoCD, Konica, CRW, or other camera-centric formats, nor vector PICTs. If unsure ... send JPEG.
  • Graphics:
    • Unless they're small and crisp graphics (not photos or scans), please do not send .gif files. Give us the best quality uncompressed file you can, and we'll make it right for our visitors. We can convert from your bitmapped version (.bmp, .jpg, .tiff, .psd, .png, etc.) or scan your original graphic, and will usually choose JPEG format so pages download quickly for all visitors.
  • Scores: We enjoy including scores on your K&D pages. For an example of how Kalvos does it, see his scores page.
    • You can send us any format, but these days, Adobe Acrobat files are best. If you can't produce those, send us a PostScript file (.ps, not .eps) -- include any special fonts by selecting the "archive" or "portable" format, checking the "include all fonts" box, and setting the subset to 99% -- and we'll convert it to .pdf format. Send the PostScript file on diskettes or Zip disks or via ASCII transfer to, or let us download from your website or ftp site -- no email, please. (If you don't know how to produce PostScript on your PC, contact us.)
    • We also welcome files from specific music engraving programs, if you prefer -- a file in Finale .etf or Music Press .gmp format, for example, will let performers extract their own parts. Again, use diskettes, Zip disks, or (depending on the format) ASCII or binary transfer to We can download from an existing website or ftp site if you tell us where it is.
    • Please, no Scorch or any scores that require a plug-in other than Acrobat at this time.

How about those K&D station IDs?

We look forward to our guest composers' creation of 10-second K&D station IDs. We now have 45 very kewl spots. We love these IDs! Please do a few for us!

The ID would consist of your greeting, such as...
  • "Hi, I'm [your name]" or
  • "Greetings, this is [your name]" or
  • "It's a beautiful day to be [your name]" or
  • "I'm [your name] and don't touch that dial!" or
    Just make something up...
...followed by a phrase that ends with...
  • "You're listening to Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar on the NonPop International Network or
  • "You're listening to Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar" "Your One Stop for NonPop" or "Your Red Alert for New Music!"or "NonPop, NonStop"" or "Your Cinema for the Ears" or "All NonPop, All the Time"

Record the message in your native language (or any other language, if you like!), and using whatever audio techniques or special effects you'd like. You can mail us a recording to 176 Cox Brook Road, Northfield, Vermont 05663 USA, FTP us an uncompressed or .mp3 file via binary transfer to or email us a .mp3 file (please don't email uncompressed files) to our email address.

We would love it if every guest recorded a station ID for us! Many thanks -- we've been having great fun with this.


Do you have audio art for broadcast?

We would broadcast more of your audio art -- essay, collage, composition, or other unique use of the audio medium -- if we could get it! Come on, just about anything creative you'd like to send in -- up to about 15 minutes in length -- will be featured, and also added to your web page. For audio art, we would appreciate the material on CD-R, DAT or MiniDisc, but for this project, high-quality cassettes or MP3s can also be used.

We also will accept documentary content. 10 minutes is a good length.

First read our recordings submission guidelines, then send material to us at 176 Cox Brook Road, Northfield, Vermont 05663 USA or upload it to our FTP site at


Have you made cool scripts or applets?

With our new server from pair Networks, we have breathing room. Some of you have made musical scripts or applets to run over the Web, and we would be pleased to have them served from the K&D site, or we can link to your existing applet. So if you have Javascript or Java applets that would delight visitors, send them along ... we can't include cgi or applications that need to be run using server features, but other items are welcome for us to try.

Email your applet or link, with instructions (and a demo, if necessary) to add to your web page, to us via our contact form, or use our FTP site via ASCII (for scripts) or binary (for compiled applets) transfer to site. Source code is welcome for posting if you'd like to share it.


Do you have essays, commentaries, word art?

The commentaries and essays on the K&D pages are many and varied, and generate considerable public response. Send along some of your writings and we'll attach them to your web page suite -- and make sure they're found by searchers. One essay received over 900 visits one week, apparently the result of a university assignment; the composer was pleased.

Email a text copy (read the guidelines) to us via our contact form, and include any illustrations, diagrams, etc., in JPEG, TIFF or GIF format. You can also FTP ( the materials using ASCII transfer. If you have no electronic version of the goodies, mail a crisp copy on white paper to us at 176 Cox Brook Road, Northfield, Vermont 05663 USA -- we'll convert them and get them posted when we have time.


Why don't we play your music more often?

We have limited air time and budget, so choices are made for our convenience; we hope you can understand. The two composer/hosts Kalvos and Damian choose the music, write the commentaries, conduct the interviews, edit the tapes, do our own engineering right down to WGDR's transmitter logs, prepare post-show RealAudio and MP3 conversions and perform website maintenance.

So we've set up guidelines. Selections most likely to be played are great compositions (...had to say that!...), under 15 minutes in length, and recorded on a clearly indexed medium, including CD, CD-R, Minidisc, and vinyl, and very rarely, on DAT. We understand that it's too much to ask that every composer make copies of music on CD, but all other issues being equal, keep in mind that we'll grab a CD before any other format. Remember, we love to play stuff. So please follow these format guidelines to keep us enthused!


Did you make big bucks in an IPO (or make more than you recently lost)?

Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar is costly for us. Unlike other organizations, we do not ask that our composer guests be "members" or pay for their web pages. But we do need support, and several composers and fans of new music have been very generous. We thank them again here. K&D's fiscal agent is the Vermont Contemporary Music Ensemble, a 501(c)3 organization, and gifts to K&D are tax-deductible in USA to the extent allowed.

We are not presently funded by government or corporate grants, and only private contributions and an unexpected gift from The Argosy Foundation let the program continue, along with facilities generously provided by WGDR-FM, Goddard College, and our own Malted/Media.

Please offer any support you can. For more information, contact us by email, or just write out your check to "Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar" and send it to us at 176 Cox Brook Road, Northfield, Vermont 05663 USA. Gifts of DATs, blank CD-Rs, Zip disks, some nice headphones, and other supplies -- as well as help with research and maintenance, and keeping your own K&D page fresh -- are also welcome.