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Ought-One Festival, August 25-26, 2001

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Ought-One Festival Logo

Ought-One Festival, August 25-26, 2001

Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar
is heard in Central Vermont every Saturday from 2:30 to 4:30 pm EST on
WGDR FM 91.1
Cybercast live at 1930 to 2130 GMT
in RealAudio and ShoutCast with
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Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar
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Chronicle of the NonPop Revolution

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= N o t i c e   B o a r d =
July 9
The Charity Model
  • We believed the companies who benefit ultimately from the work of composers -- technology companies, music companies, instrument companies, music software companies -- would be ready to sponsor the first cross-genre festival of nonpop, Ought-One. We are still working on it, but we're stunned by how quickly wealthy companies go into hiding when it requires being on the cutting edge. So for now, the charity model is back in play, and we need your immediate $17,000 in contributions now via PayPal or via our funding page.
  • Samuel Vriezen and Martijn Voorvelt are back as next week's guests for part 2 of our interview, as recorded before the Tot en Met XXII concert in Amsterdam in April.
  • Our search features is still broken as the Goddard servers are moved and upgraded. Continued apologies for the inconvenience.
June 17
Latest Ought-One Festival News
May 25
New Shows Are Posted!
May 12
Were They Right?
  • They said it couldn't be done, that online survival for small sites was a thing of the past. Were they right? Our enthusiasm is high, but our budget is vanishing. Prove them wrong, please! Contribute now via PayPal, or go to our funding page. We're considering making our archives by subscription only. Convince us otherwise! A few dollars from everyone who uses this site can let us complete the tasks that will make it more useful -- not only updated resources, but the important transcription of nearly 180 interviews, and unrestricted access for everyone. Make it happen! Contribute now via PayPal, or go to our funding page.
  • Our latest newsletter is posted. Read everything that's going on with K&D.
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ASCAP Deems Taylor Schoolzone Four-Star Site New York Times Arts@Large Village Voice Klassik Online Site of the Week Luckman's Best of the Web
"Pretty awesome stuff" -- Rudy Carrera on, February 4, 2001
"The king of all modern music stations" -- Jeff Harrington on, February 4, 2001
ASCAP Deems Taylor Internet Award -- October 16, 2000
Schoolzone (UK) Expert Teacher Four-Star Rating -- July 7, 2000
New York Times Arts@Large -- Links of Interest in Classical Music Web-Savvy Site of the Week -- January 15, 2000
Pair Networks Site of the Week -- November 26, 1999
Voice says, "Far and away the Web's best new music resource" -- July 7, 1999
Klassik Online Site of the Week -- December 15, 1997
Luckman's Best of the Web (4 stars) -- August 19, 1997

Sponsored by Malted/Media Productions

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Check out our guests in order of appearance or our guests in alphabetical order:

|=  Dennis Báthory-Kitsz =  David Gunn ====  Thomas L. Read ====|
|===  Gilles Yves Bonneau ==  Peggy Madden ==  Erik Nielsen ====|
|=====  Gwyneth Walker =======  Don Stewart ===  Glenn Sproul ==|
|=======  Bea Phillips =========  Dennis Murphy =  Don Jamison =|
|=========  Bill Harris ==========  Rip Keller ====  Arpad Elo =|
|=  Jacques Bailhé ===  Thomas Massella =  Drew Krause =========|
|===  Olexandra Beck ===  Troy Peters =====  David Gibson ======|
|=====  Michael Arnowitt =  George Todd =====  Larry Polansky ==|
|=======  Jody Diamond =====  Joel Chadabe ====  Carl Stone ====|
|=========  Susan Bettmann & Dragon Dance Theatre =  David Kraus =|
|=  Keith Moore =======  Stephen Gryc ======  Zeke Hecker ======|
|===  Peter Tavalin =====  Scott M.X. Turner =  Fred Ho ========|
|=====  Richard Tolenaar ==  Pauline Oliveros ==  John Levin ===|
|=======  Nicolas Collins ===  Anne La Berge =====  Mary Oliver |
|=  Eliane Radigue ====  Barbara Wellspring =  Kaija Saariaho ==|
|===  Anita Beckmann ====  Marc Battier =======  Rhys Chatham ==|
|=====  Benedict Mason ====  Maria de Alvear ====  Peter Beyls =|
|=======  Richard St. Clair =  Klarenz Barlow ====  Daron Hagen |
|=  Craig Bove ========  Udo Kasemets =====  Eve Beglarian =====|
|===  Gary Barwin =======  Nick Didkovsky ===  John Oswald =====|
|=====  Daniel Weymouth ===  Johan van Kreij ==  Elma Miller ===|
|=======  James Tenney ======  Henning Berg =====  Ann Southam =|
|=  Chris Koenigsberg =  Allison Cameron =  Linda Catlin Smith =|
|===  Tom Hamilton ======  David Behrman ===  Peter Van Riper ==|
|=====  Matthew Fields ====  Laurie Spiegel ==  Sarah Peebles ==|
|=  Phillip Silver =  Jeff Harrington ====  Robert HP Platz ====|
|===  Joseph Celli ===  Stephen Parkinson ==  Bill Gilliam =====|
|=====  Martin Arnold ==  Jon Appleton =======  Arthur Sauer ===|
|=  Michael Torke =  Canary Burton =  Howard Jonathan Fredrics =|
|===  Michael Sahl ==  Christos Hatzis =  David Dramm ==========|
|=====  Mary Jane Leach  Dietmar Hippler =  Anton Lukoszevieze =|
|=  N.N. und ähnliche Elemente ===========  Calliope Tsoupaki ====|
|===  John McGuire ========   Michael Frengel ====  Kui Dong ===|
|=  Margaret Lancaster ==  Charles Amirkhanian =  Huk Don Phun =|
|===  Robert D. Polansky ==  David Cleary ====  Dennis Darrah ==|
|=====  Scott L. Miller =====  Eric Lyon  ======  Phil Kline ===|
|=======  Stephen Smith =======  James Bohn ======  Kyle Gann ==|
|=  Belinda Reynolds ==  Peter Garland ===  Masahiro Miwa ======|
|===  Barbara Benary ====  Carson Kievman ==  Eric Salzman =====|
|=====  Martha Mooke ======  Warren Burt =====  Joseph Benzola =|
|=======  Gregory Hall ======  Doug Geers ==  Beth Anderson ====|
|=  Johnny Reinhard ==  David Del Tredici   Douglas Repetto ====|
|===  Mary Lee Roberts =  Elodie Lauten ====  Frank Oteri/AMC ==|
|=====  David W. Solomons   Alex Abele ===  Brenda Hutchinson ==|
|=  Claudio Calmens ====  Robert Duckworth =  Roddy Schrock ====|
|===  Tadashi Usami ==  Frederic Rzewski =  Yannis Kyriakides ==|
|=====  Vanessa Lann ===  Boudewijn Buckinx   Moniek Darge =====|
|=  Godfried-Willem Raes =  Bill Trimble =====  Mark Gibbons ===|
|===  Samuel Vriezen ========  Martijn Voorvelt ==================|

And meet our future guests:

|=  Maggi Payne ==========  David Stevens =  Mark Lindsey ======|
|===  Su Lian Tan ==========  Jim Lynch =====  Batya Weinbaum ==|
|=====  David Robert Stewart =  Charles Dodge =  Shane Rooks ===|
|===  Randall Neal =======  Steve Stusek ===  Bob Wigness ======|
|=====  Richard DeCosta ====  Jaron Lanier ===  John Bussey ====|
|===  Daniel Fioretti ====  Patrick Grant ==  Gerard Pape ======|
|=  Wendy Mae Chambers =====  James Grant ====  Karlheinz Essl =|
|===  Alcedo Coenen ======  Randy Rare =====  Elizabeth Pizer ==|
|=====  John Trubee ==  Robert Train Adams ===  Michael Manion =|
|=  Jin Hi Kim =========  David Jaffe ===  Manfred Clynes ======|
|===  Louis Andriessen ===  George Hajdu ==  Tom Johnson =======|
|=====  Jean Piché =========  Tom Heasley ===  Judy Dunaway ====|
|===  Larry Austin ===  Robert Ashley =====  Dennis DeSantis ===|
|=  Nancy Bloomer Deussen ============  Patricia Jünger ==========|
|===  Martín Alejandro Fumarola ========  Michael Edgerton =======|
|=====  Lucius Weathersby ================  Robert Constable =====|
|=  Elaine Tomazi Freitas =======  Eric Ross ==  David Heuser ==|
|===  Paul Steenhuisen ===  Jean Piché ==  Jerry Gerber ========|
|=====  Anna Rubin =====  James Drew ==  Michael Lowenstern ====|
|=  Emily Doolittle ===============================================|
|===  André Posman ===  Martijn Padding ===  Guy de Bièvre =====|

= Interview recorded or broadcast = Interview being scheduled

The K&D show began
May 27, 1995.
The on-line Bazaar opened
September 16, 1995.
This page last updated
July 9, 2001.

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